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Penalties for Forest Fires

Pocket change

The U.S. Forest Service again
exercised its brand-new authority to send a bill to a person who started a major

Jason Hoskey, 26, was asked in February to please cover the firefighting cost
of $18.2 million for the 2003 fire in California's Mendocino National Forest.

Anyone have any information on what happened to the woman who started the Hayman fire 3 years ago?
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I thought she got the book thrown at her and she was in jail.

I don't even remember her name now though. Sounds like it's Google time...

Yay Google!!
I think you're right. She started it by burning letters or something and she failed to clean up her firepit well enough. They tracked her down two weeks or so later, I think.
Well, that was her official story. I think she eventually admitted that she started the fire so she could put it out and get credit for putting out a fire like that.