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New Salazar Ad

Anyone seen the new Ken Salazar ad?  Looks like Ken took some time to address the Coors attack...not by attacking Coors, but by saying, "I want to cut taxes, I want to reduce the deficit", etc. I was very impressed.  Your thoughts?

And the award for worst campaign ads...the Walcher/Salazar (John) race.  I mean really??? This is getting very, very stupid!!

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I've gotten to the point where if I do have to watch some programing on the local channels, I utilize my Tivo to skip over the commercials :D
the walcher/salazar ads are totally out of control.

the humor of the black and white montages of the salazar/coors ads do crack me up though. i haven't yet seen the new salazar ad, but damn, i'm sure i won't be able to miss it.
Yes, the 3rd Congressional is in trouble with those two. What doesn't make sense to me is the Walcher ad that uses the quote about immigration...I mean, what is it trying to say? That Salazar wants to give benefits to undocumented workers, or that he uses the very ugly language about undocumented workers as maids and low-skill labor? Seems that the ad was developed rather poorly.

And well, today, Kerry's campaign announced that it would be pulling all of its ads from Colorado today or tomorrow so that there will be less ads for us to watch. But yes, the new Ken Salazar ad should be up.

Kerry's pulling his ads? Just when he started gaining in the latest Zogby CO poll?

He needs to stay in the whole game in CO, but that's just my opinion.
No, I agree...but from what I heard it was to concentrate on voter mobilization, to save money for that and to concentrate ads in several other states. Plus, there was some talk that voters here are getting annoyed with all the ads and since the Salazar/Coors race is so vital to control of the U.S. Senate. My guess is Dems want to concentrate on that race. If Ken can win, then he can deliver Colorado for Kerry.