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Predicted outcomes? Imporant races?

Although there aren't many of us here, I was wondering...

1) What state and local races are important to you?  Everyone's talking about the presidential race, but I'd like to hear what hometown races are you watching? 

2)  Who do you think will win the U.S. Senate here in Colorado?  Which presidential candidate will claim Colorado? 

Roughly 24 hours...Any thoughts or concerns?
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I am all about El Paso County Commissioner District 2. Doug Bruce is an ass, and I am pining for the write-in Bob Null to destroy Bruce.

If you don't know Doug Bruce, he's the fellow that wrote TABOR.

And even though I'm not in the district, I'm watching the Lambert vs. Merrifeld race. Should be fun to see who wins that one.

As for Senate, I suspect that Salazar will win because a lot of conservatives are not happy about Pete.

Concerns: International observers at my polling location. If they're there, I'll be pissed.
Oh good lord...i had forgotten that Doug Bruce was running. How scary is that?

Well I think Salazar will win too. When I campaigned for him for AG...lots of Republicans just loved him (although many wouldn't admit it). He's got a lot of strong backing in this state and I think it may very well carry him forward.

International observers? Doing what?
Making sure we have a fair election going on. Some groups had requested UN observers but they can't come without an invite from the government. But, other international groups are coming.
i thought colin powell had invited them. he's still with our gov't, no? ;-)

i haven't heard about any int'l observers here. there will be a lot of poll monitors from many domestic orgs, right and left leaning, to ensure fairness. i say: bring an ID. :)
Was it Colin Powell? Eh. Whatever. I forget who has to invite 'em.

I haven't heard about any in Colorado, but I know volunteers from the GOP are going to be watching for sure.

I've got my trusty drivers liscence and my state issued school ID to confrim identity. If that ain't enough, I'll get my passport.

If that ain't enough....fuckit. The election isn't that important.
state races that are important to me are:

- hefley's congressional seat. sure, he'll win because he's the incumbent, but he's proven himself an abject failure as head of the ethics committee in the house. hopefully we'll get some real options next time since this will be his last term.

- the doug bruce/bob null thing is important to me, but that's not my district.

- amendment 36. i'm a dem, but i think it's a bad idea driven by partisan politics. i think the EC needs reform, but not like that.

- salazar/coors: salazar. he's to the right of pete on many issues so he'll attract a lot of conservatives in CO, and pete lacks political experience. the senate is no place for a learning curve.