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In a flagrent attempt to get a community going...

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The CU Regents are looking into that right now. There is a slight issue over whether he signed a document about whether he'd uphold the constitution. They think it's an administrative oversight...but if he refused to sign it, they could fire him on the spot for that. They are being very careful about this because of the 1st Amendment issues that he could raise.
The Gazette published an article in which a source whom he cited in one of his works said that he had basically fabricated that which was quoted. I think it's dumb that the republicans and the regents haven't picked up on this and just fired him for that instead of turning this into a free speech thing. I agree with some of what Ward Churchill has written (I read his stuff before all of this), but for the most part, the guy's a phony who doesn't deserve this much attention. Fire him.
the fact still remains that he has tenure at this university and as such, he shouldn't have to be worried about what his teachings, writings, etc would impact his employment. That's the whole point of tenure.
Being tenured doesn't mean you're exempt from academic standards. Fabrication of sources is the biggest no-no in academia, and is definitely grounds for dismissal of even tenured faculty. I'm all about academic freedom, but I have no patience for idealogues who justify their research based on a pre-conceived conclusion. I'm willing to tolerate even that, so long as the person in question isn't fabricating sources or lying about data, etc. I understand that everyone has a certain bias as a result of being human, but that's completely irrelevant to my point. Fabrication of sources = bye bye and good riddance.

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