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Posted for a friend. Edited for content.

I have tried to edit this so that it will not offend anyone or break the rules of this community. Please let me know if I have done either and what I can do to fix this.

The election is on November 7, 2006

A friends sister was kidnapped and brutally raped a couple years ago(will be 3 years in Feb).

Judge Robert L. Lowrey is up on a retain/ do not retain on this year's election ballot. He has granted the defense continuance after continuance and left the family hanging in limbo for over two years. The continuances have been granted at least three times on the defense "not having sufficient time to prepare for trial". Our District Attorney's office has tried time after time to block these continuances based on sound legal argument, and Judge Robert L. Lowrey has overruled precedence, to come down on the side of the defense.

To continue to allow a man like the offender avoid justice is a travesty. To let the man who continues to allow the offender avoid justice keep his seat on the bench is a larger travesty. If Judge Robert L. Lowrey is doing this to this family, how many other cases out there are needlessly being held in limbo at this man's whim? How many other victims and families of victims are lacking closure after ridiculous amounts of time?

Please vote not to retain Judge Robert L. Lowrey. It will possibly mean another continuance while a new judge is selected. That's a reason for continuance that can be lived with.
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What judicial district is he in?
If i'm not mistaken he is n the fourth.